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Reborn RO Ultimate PVP Party

RebornRO Ultimate PVP Party
Not just your ordinary PVP battle

(Mechanics may change without prior notice)
  • The event is held in a Battle Ground Flavius format with a little twist to reduce probability of ties
  • Each party consists of 8 players 1 job class of each kind (Paladin, High Priest, Lord Knight, Champion, Sniper, High Wizard, Professor, Assasin Cross)
  • Each party will have its own spawn point, and own base (where your party's crystal is located) 
     [Image: Flavius-Map.jpg]
  • Each Crystal will have TWO Guardians. You cannot destroy your opponent's crystal until you kill both Guardians[Image: crystal-and-guardians.png]
  • Each party will be battling in destroying/defending crystals for 3 rounds in a span of 15 minutes (Rounds are determined every time a crystal breaks) 
  • Every break of the opponent's crystal gets you 1 Point. You need 2 Points to win the contest
  • In the event that both teams have equal Points, the winning team will be determined based by the number of players that have the highest KillDeath ratio from the last round (KillDeath ratio of a player is calculated by Number of Kills / Number of deaths)
  • [Image: KD-ratio.png]
  • If both teams have the same number of players that have the highest KillDeath ratio, then the winning team will be determined based by the number of players that have the second highest KillDeath ratio from the last round.
  • If both teams have the same number of players that have the highest and second highest KillDeath ratio, then the whole 15 minute event will be played again
  • If a party member gets disconnected during the whole 15 minute event, he/she may not be able to go back to the battle ground event leaving the party 1 member short (Make sure that you have strong internet connection)
  • Character cannot register with another PVP party (If found out, automatic disqualification for the character)

Brackets, Scheduling and Prizes:
  • A minimum of 8 PVP parties must be registered for the event to commence
  • Depending on the number of registrants, parties will be broken in groups and will battle in a round robin fashion (Like NBA season)
  • In the event of a tie breaker, a one time match will be played between both teams
  • The top ranked parties from their respected groups will be selected to the Finals bracket by single eliminations
  • The prevailing party will win a cash prize of PHP 15,000 plus 10% of the donation proceeds for the first two months of the server
  • Scheduling for the Round Robin and the finals will be determined a month after the server launch
  • Registration form will be provided and to be followed
  • Missing players/parties during their schedule of battle will result in automatic loss (NO stand-ins allowed)
[Image: GM-Pain.gif]

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